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Swart & Company, founded by John Swart in 1935, is a distinguished provider of the world’s finest flower bulbs and service. Built and guided by principles of integrity and dependability, Swart & Co. provides its clients with unparalleled consistency in quality year after year.

historical photo
historical photo
historical photo
historical photo
historical photo

Swart & Company opened its doors in the heart of Holland’s historic bulb district, and in spite one of the most challenging times in European history, began to flourish thanks in part to their famed Dutch Iris.

In 1947 Pieter Esseveld joined the company to further develop business by expanding sales throughout the United States. Through his expertise in horticulture, Swart expanded its offerings to a wider genus and species of flower bulbs including tulips, daffodils, hyacynths, crocus, and specialty bulbs.

In 1963 Pieter Esseveld became the sole owner of the company, and over the years Swart & Co. transitioned out of growing bulbs, and focused on developing connections with the finest growers in the Netherlands. It was this decision that would solidify its relations with elite bulb growers, ultimately allowing the company to deliver its promise of unmatched quality and service.

1955, Pieter Esseveld Sr. overlooks exports documents as warehouse crew loads the season's last shipping container to America. Swart & Company crew loading shipping container with bulbs packed in wood crates. Photo taken from attic, showing the logistics of the packing warehouse.
Images from 1955 photoshoot. Top image:Pieter Esseveld Sr. overlooks packing lists as the warehouse crew loads a shipment for America. Bottom left:Middle: At that time, all bulbs were packed in paper bags and shipped in wooden crates. Bottom right:Bottom: Photo taken from attic, showing the logistics of the original Sassenheim packing warehouse.
Tulip promotional posters from the 1958 Swart & Company catalog.
Promotional posters of various tulips from our 1958 catalog.
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Keeping with tradition, his son Peter Esseveld became president of the company in 1984, taking the family business into the next generation. At that time, a U.S. subsidiary was founded under the name Swart’s Flower Bulbs, Inc. which has a sole focus on U.S. sales and distribution.

To this day, Swart & Co. remains a family business supplying the professional landscape industry, fine gardens and greenhouses throughout the United States. Still operating under the same core values, Swart & Co. works tirelessly to deliver on its promise of perfection in every aspect.