Swart & Co.Swart & Co.

"Because no landscape, garden or client is the same, Swart & Company is devoted to cater a deeply personalized service to each and every customer."

– Peter Esseveld / President

Premier Customer Service

As our customer, you are our highest priority. Swart & Company will make every effort to ensure your satisfaction with our products and services, as well as the process of ordering, shipping, and invoicing.

Expert Advice and Product Guidance

Beautiful pictures and catalogs are inspiring, but nothing compares to the guidance of a professional. With over 80 years of experience, Swart & Co. can give you expert advice on your selection of flower bulbs.

In addition, we can help decide how many bulbs are needed to bring your ideas to fruition, which means no more guessing, no more disappointing results, and no more costly mistakes.

If you require more information about growing flower bulbs or wish to try a new item, please call us for product information, planting instructions, or anything you may need help with.

On-Site Consultation

Every location has its own unique challenges, which is why we offer free on-site consultation. Please contact us to check this year’s travel schedule. We’d love to meet you in person and visit your gardens or greenhouses!

Custom Mixes

Mixed flower bulbs plantings are very popular, but creating the perfect mix can be a daunting exercise of trial and error. With our expertise, we can eliminate the guesswork, and create a stunning display that caters to your specific location and preferences.

Custom Orders

Of the thousands of different varieties grown commercially, Swart & Co showcases a carefully curated selection of top performing varieties in each category.

However, if you are looking for a specific variety that is not listed in our catalog, it’s very likely we can accommodate your request.

Just let us know. We routinely handle custom orders, and are almost always successful in finding what you are looking for.

Special Care and Handling

If you have a unique situation and need your bulbs prepared, labeled or handled in a certain way, we will work to accommodate your request. For customers in warmer climates, we are happy to facilitate cold storage if needed. Call for more information.

Fundraising Programs

Flower bulbs offer excellent fundraising opportunities, and over the years we have facilitated many successful programs. To find out what we can do for your organization, just give us a call.

Our Customer Promise

When purchasing bulbs, trust is key. We pride ourselves on delivering true to size and variety. If, for any reason, there is an issue with availability, we will contact you and discuss similar substitute options. No unexpected surprises, no “accidental mistakes”. That’s why customers have trusted us to deliver their bulbs for over 80 years.

Product Packaging

Our products are packaged in fine netlon mesh bags and shipped in eco-friendly, practically indestructible, plastic crates. This form of packaging is optimum for shipping and product storage, and serves 1001 purposes after the bulbs have been planted, making them hugely popular with our customers.

tulip crate